Inclusive Exercise

Inclusive Exercise at Hodan

We provide weekly Zumba classes for women in our community, currently delivered online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Register your interest here and an instructor will get in touch – or keep reading below for more information!

    The Story So Far…

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Hodan was providing weekly Zumba classes for disadvantaged women in two locations in West London (Ladbroke Grove and White City), with social time and healthy refreshments afterwards. Recently, with support from the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, Trust for London and Greater London Authority, we’ve successfully moved our Zumba online – and over 40 of the original group members have now joined us on Zoom!

    This inclusive exercise brings huge benefits to the community – getting people active, reducing social isolation, building friendships, and improving mental and physical health.  We have three classes weekly, on Monday evenings, Wednesday mornings and Friday mornings.

    “For our health, it’s making a difference – we’re like a little community.”

    With support from Sport England through their funding programme ‘This Girl Can’, we’ll soon be offering new classes in Chair-Based Exercise and low-intensity Zumba.  We’ll be looking for volunteers in London who can help us with targeted outreach to isolated elderly and disabled people in their local communities, and digital literacy training for people who don’t know how to use the Internet.  

    “We need it, without realising it – this is actually fantastic for our mental health.  It’s like a sense of belonging.”

    – Zumba Attendee

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    We rely on donations to continue to serve our community – and you can now give securely online!

    Hear More From our Community

    “I tried another Zumba class but I didn’t enjoy it as much.  The music is nice and there’s a good vibe.”

    “It’s going well but I wish we could have more evening classes.  I can only do the evenings because I work a 9-5 job.  Right now it’s only Monday evenings.”

    “I attend all three lessons.  I enjoy it very much, it’s very refreshing – exactly what we need.  I wish there was more!”

    “This is the only chance I get to socialise with people outside my household during the lockdown.”

    “I love this class, I really look forward to it.”

    “Hannah is always prepared, and she always adds something to encourage interest.  Each week she’ll bring a new song or something to add a different flavour, it’s not always the same.”