Empowerment Club for women and girls

Hodan has created a social space with Zumba exercise classes to enable women to form new friendships, expand their networks, mentor each other, plan activities together, feel more connected, and improve their mental and physical health.

This project has supported almost 200 women, from those who participated in only one session to those who attend every week throughout the year.

One participant reported, “it makes me to come out, not sit at home depressed and unhealthy”.  Another stated, “Muslim sisters are always indoors.  But here we can come out of our shell and dance around!” Through the project, cultural barriers were overcome and the women achieved a true sense of community: “We feel that we are one family, not different, we are one.”

The original pilot was funded by the People’s Health Trust.  With funding from the National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ scheme, we have expanded the project to two locations (Ladbroke Grove and White City) and are also offering tailored workshops in confidence-building and community asset mapping.  These are designed to help women and girls to:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the skills and values that they already have as individuals;
  • Recognise assets and unmet needs within the social groups and in their neighbourhoods;
  • Share ideas about how to design new projects to improve their lives, which could be supported through larger grants from other donors.

We now received funding from GLA stronger Communities Fund to continue the success of this important project

The regular Empowerment Club sessions are run twice a week (Wednesday mornings in Ladbroke Grove and Friday mornings in White City).  There are also occasional workshops, usually during school holiday periods, open to either adult women or girls under 18.

Due to COVID-19 we are offering Online Zumba classes for women twice a week (via Zoom) to encourage physical fitness, improve mental well-being and reduce the impact of social isolation.

You can join Zumba classes on every Tuesday and Friday @ 11:00 AM by using the Zoom meeting ID: 7882749946

Please contact us to register your interest in joining one of these sessions.