Steps into employment project

Somali-born migrants have the lowest employment rate of all immigrants in the UK. Levels of education are also low, with 50% having no qualifications and only 3% having higher education qualifications. This affects more on Somali women who are mostly economically not active. Most Somali young people were also said to fare less well than the children of other new communities in the UK. This affects their future prospects and leads to exclusion, depression and poverty. With new government policy, out of work Somalis are being pushed to gain employment. Those we work with report they want to work but find it impossible to break into the market, citing a lack of specific skills, e.g.. understanding where they can find jobs, ICT, English, confidence, CV writing etc . In the light of these issues Hodan has developed steps into employment project” a three year project funded by Big Lottery Fund” and this compromises English for the workplace, ICT skills, confidence building, communication skills, understanding UK employment market,  identifying possible local employment, referral for acquiring further vocational skills (e.g. in care,hospitality etc),signposting,meeting employers, CV writing, job search support skills, interview skills, 121 support, goal-setting, sign-posting, placements etc


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