Services and activities

In order to achieve our aims Hodan provides a range of services it’s-self and does influencing work with other agencies so as to make their services more accessible and increase knowledge about how to integrate the community.

Our services and activities are as follows:

  • One stop advice and information service for users providing up to date information/options explained in their own language and then action as needed
  • Steps into employment project which encompasses ESOL classes, IT basic skills and employment advice work to help and enable Somalis and other BME communities to access local job market
  • Outreach advice, advocacy and information service for those unable to attend our office
  • Information sessions in partnership with appropriate organisations (e.g. PCT, local police etc) to increase knowledge and capacity to belong and participate
  • Elders support programme – weekly advice, information, support, keep fit and socialisation activities to increase confidence, knowledge and well being
  • Carers support project - advice, information and support to help hidden carers to access local support and services.
  • Health Empowerment and Engagement Club for women - building confidence and promoting physical and mental health welbeing to reduce health in-equality among the community
  • Participation in local voluntary and statutory sector fora and consultation events to promote integration
  • Empowerment outings for users to promote integration – for example to take part in local events, including consultations.
  • Our services have been running with high demand for 7 years now and pursue our vision of an empowered, healthy and integrated Somali community, whilst adapting to changes in the sector and the community itself.

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