One stop advice and information services

Due to a lack of English language, most of our clients find it impossible to tackle many of the everyday issues they face which then can mount up and become serious issues. This is why Hodan runs, from its office, one stop shop advice and information sorting out complex problems and empowering and reconnecting hard to reach individuals with services and the wider community. This provides advice, information and signposting about services and how to access them and cover issues such as benefits, housing, employment, health, education, debts, signposting and referrals etc and benefit approximately 25-30 clients a week.

Empowering vulnerable people and linking them to mainstream society takes time, which is why Hodan needs to do one to one casework to stop problems escalating. Other elements of our work run alongside this service and are about building our users’ capacity and confidence to help themselves as well as showing the mainstream how to adapt so as to meet our communities’ needs and involve them more.

The importance of this service has been underlined by the voluntary and statutory organisations as one put it our recent impact and evaluation research of Hodan: “Hodan’s casework service is run like clockwork and good monitoring statistics are produced. It delivers a lot with very little. A high quality advice service which users and funders are clearly satisfied with.” Hodan has also taken a leading role in advocacy and is in the forefront of campaigning to improve accessibility to mainstream service for the Somalis and other local BME communities.

This is a first come first service and is open to any one who need help and support. It is available on Monday and Tuesdays, 9:30 – 3 PM.

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