Case study Mrs H

Case study for Mrs H

 Situation :

Mrs H briefly talked about her situation before she accessed Hodan’s services. She underlined that although she has been in the country for good number of years this was the first time she used services by herself. It was her partner who used to sort out things for the family. But this has changed when her partner suddenly left the country.

Action taken:

Mrs. H explained her first experience at Hodan and how Hodan helped her go through this difficult period in her life.

“I came to Hodan with my problems and most of my issues were solved by Hodan staff and volunteers; My Job Seekers allowance, Child Benefit, child tax credit, housing & Council Tax support were all dealt with and sorted out”.

She felt a bit relieved, settled and confident as most of the immediate priority issues were dealt with. She then started to move on and learn more about the system.

“Without Hodan, life would have been very difficult. I came to learning & Networking workshops. This enabled me to meet with service providers and socialise with other service users. I learned about the system and practical skills like budgeting, energy saving and the UK system”.


Then Mrs H moved to explain how the support of Hodan has impacted her life, her family’s life and life in UK. She underlined the biggest mile stone in her life at UK happened when she joined the employment support project and started with enrolling ESOL and IT class. According to her words “this was big game changer”.

“Then I enrolled Hodan’s ESOL/IT projects and this has changed my life big times and I can now write and read better, my IT has improved, I can send emails and do job search. Hodan helped me find a job, develop my CV and gave me references. Hodan helped me with job application forms; all this support helped me get Two Part-time jobs. I’m now confident and happy about life”.

Mrs H underscored how the support helped her to be independent and almost self sufficient with increased confidence and self-esteem.

“I’m in charge of my income and don’t rely on state benefit and I pay council tax and get a little help for rent. Now I’m a good role model for my children and they see me happy and supportive. I know how to go through the system and I see myself as part of this society. I am very confident and motivated and want to achieve more in life”.

Future plan

She then highlighted what she wants to achieve next and her future plans. She looks very confident with strong self-belief and thinks positively about life.

“Now my future plan is to find a full time employment and to pay all my rent and to be able to pay my tax. I’ll go to college; I want to study Child care”.

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