Governance & Policies

Hodan has a Management Committee with eight members, who meet quarterly to review progress and vote on important decisions.  The committee meetings are professionally managed, and minutes are kept. The committee includes both Somali and non-Somali members and has a good balance of women and men.

The Chair of the Management Committee is active in a professional capacity in other voluntary sector organisations in Kensington and Chelsea, including NOVA New Opportunities.  This has already resulted in mutually beneficial collaborations, including the referral of English learners to NOVA’s higher-level classes.  The potential for joint funding applications and other formal partnership activities is currently being explored.

We have recently recruited new Trustees with expertise in fundraising, marketing and family & youth work, who are actively helping us to develop new funding applications to take the organisation forwards.

A review of policies and procedures has recently been conducted to improve structures and systems within Hodan. The Health and Safety Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Data Protection Policy, Safeguarding Policies and many others have been reviewed and updated as necessary to keep pace with legislation.

Hodan is in the process of upgrading other policies and procedures to meet the criteria for Advice Quality Standard certification.

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