Governance & Policies

Hodan has achieved PQASSO level 1 and 2 and has Trustees that are very active and members share a moral responsibility to manage the organisation in the best interest of the community. Our Trustees meets quarterly and follows a professional approach to managing meetings (e.g. setting agenda, taking minutes, communicating news and progress etc) and this enables us to discuss existing activities and plan for the future. We have also developed a 3 year business plan. We have 2 non Somali trustees that add different experience and perspectives for the management of the organisation.

All staff and volunteers have job/task description setting out their role and who they are responsible for. They also have monthly supervision. All policies are reviewed every 3 years. We are aware of our responsibility to provide value for money service and use our resources efficiently and effectively. Hodan has a transparent and well managed financial system supported by CASH.

Hodan uses the services of local capacity building organisations such as KCSC, Forum, Evelyn Oldfield Unit, CaVsa, BME health forum, Refugee Council to keep up to date legislations and policies.

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