COVID-19 annoucement for Hodan Service Users

20th March 2020


Notice for Hodan’s clients during Covid-19 Pandemic

In the light of continued concerns regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic we are advising Hodan’s Service users not to come to the office unless in an emergency. We will do our utmost to help you over the phone. Call Hodan’s number 0208 9605813 or 07440399926 and we’ll give you a call back to minimise your cost.

Thanks for your co-operation


Ogeysiis Ku saabsan Hodan drop-in services

Anaka oo tixgalineyna saameynta cudurka COVID-19, waxaan dhamaan dadka  u baahan adeega Xafiiska Hodan Somali Community ku wargalineynaa in ayna iman xafiisa wixii xaalad ded deg ah mooye (emergency). Haddii aad u baahato adeega xafiiska la soo hadal Telefoonkan: 020 8960 5813 amba 07440399926,  Waxaanu ku dadaali in aan waxaad u baahantay kuugu qabano telefoonka. Anaka ayaa kugu soo celindoona telefoonka si aan u yareeyno kharashka telefoonka kaaga baxaya.



COVID-19 Update for Hodan Sevices

Date 20th of March 2020

Dear All,

I am writing to you as we watch the Covid-19 global health crisis change and affect our lives day by day, hour by hour.

In light of ongoing and growing concerns and the utmost importance of looking after the health and safety of our staff, beneficiaries and clients and other visitors to our office and services, Hodan’s staff and trustees have agree to the following:

  1. We will minimise close contacts at the drop-in services and give support to our clients over the phone instead, unless we face with an urgent emergency case.
  2. We will reduce home visits, except for emergency cases and make frequent telephone contacts with the most isolated and vulnerable people.
  3. We will temporarily suspend all group meetings including group gatherings for our Social Space and Wellbeing, and Elderly Befriending projects.

We are aware that some of the people in our community are most at risk so these changes will be put in place to keep them safe. We are doing this in consultation with the Council’s Community Engagement team and Hodan partner organisations in the community. Hodan will continuously monitor the situation on a daily basis and update our services accordingly.

We are all experiencing a great deal of uncertainty and we are aware of the huge challenges ahead of us. It is at this time when we are advised to practice social distancing that we are even more aware of how important it is for us to act as a community and care for each other.

Wishing you and your family good health,


Mohammed Farah

Executive Director

Hodan Somali Community

Telephone: 020 8960 5813 / 07949514936